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Here's what you need to know

1. Request a Quote

We require the value of the yacht, the term of the lease, and your details as a future client.


2. Term Sheet Issued (subject to KYC and Credit approval)

When you accept our initial offer we will send you a formal offer in the form of a lease term sheet for your acceptance. The Term sheet contains also a list of documents required for KYC and Credit assessment.  At the submission of the signed term sheet and requested documents a retainer fee will be required.

3. KYC and Credit Due Diligence

Based on the submitted term sheet and requested client and yacht documentation our compliance and credit committee will review and evaluate. At the acceptance of the lease application, the customer will receive a formal approval letter of the credit granted.


4. Contract Phase

We will send you the full contract documentation for approval and signature. After the document has been received and signed and the upfront fee and/or any applicable down payment have been settled we will countersign the contract.


5. Execution

Once the contract has been signed St Julian's Maritime Finance will order your yacht or will take over your purchase contract. At delivery of the yacht to St Julian's Maritime Finance, the balance payment will be settled and the yacht will be formally registered under the Malta flag. The yacht will subsequently be delivered to you for full enjoyment.

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