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About Us

The Company

St Julian’s Maritime Finance Ltd is an independent and licensed European yacht leasing company, managed by experienced staff and supported by strong local and international shareholders, banks, and business partners.


We offer asset-backed lending, whereby, unlike regular lending providers, we recognise the value of the yacht as our collateral. As an independent finance house, we offer a wide variety of valued brands for you to choose the luxury yacht of your dreams. We will select and customise our financial products and yachting services based on your specific needs.


We provide attractive Financial and Operating Lease products with the finance:

  • Up to 70% Loan to Value (LTV)

  • Lease tenors from 24 to 60 months

  • Last bullet payments of 10% to 20%


Here at St Julian's Maritime Finance Ltd, we can also provide you with advisory services including but not limited to:

  • Selection and purchase of the best suitable yacht for you;

  • Registering your yacht under the Maltese flag;

  • Selecting the best suitable insurance company;

  • Sourcing  maintenance providers;

  • Crewing.

How can we help you today? Let's talk. 

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