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Our innovation focus leads to Malta’s financing of world's-first solar-powered yachts

Licensed financial services provider St Julian's Maritime Finance has strengthened Malta's international maritime financial centre credentials by financing a world's-first solar yacht innovation project.

SILENT-YACHTS are the first ocean-going electric production yachts in the world which are powered by solar energy. Storing the energy in state of the art battery banks enables guests on board to be fully solar sustainable with the possibility of unlimited range and zero emission.

The company was founded on the dream of making luxury yachting work truly hand in hand with nature by minimising the impact on the marine environment while still providing the utmost levels of comfort without compromises. Driven by their mission to create an independent and environmentally friendly yachting experience which combines the silent cruising of a sailing boat with the luxury of a motor yacht, the current SILENT-YACHTS model range offers fully electric, solar-powered catamarans from 18 to 37 meters.

In addition, they also manufacture hybrid yachts that make use of both conventional propulsion and renewable solar energy. The first hybrid yacht is an 82-foot model to be fabricated in partnership with VisionF Yachts.

St Julian's Maritime Finance offers asset-backed financing and finance leasing programs to customers who choose new or well-maintained boats with a value of between €1 million and €10 million. Malta has emerged as the preferred flag for owners of sizable yachts throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

Malta’s competitive cost structure has helped the island to compete, and strong corporate structures put yacht owners in a very strong position to enjoy their wealth while saving considerably on VAT and other costs associated with yacht ownership. For owners seeking the comfort and cost benefits of dealing with yachting and finance experts who understand innovation, St Julian's Maritime Finance provides a safe harbour.

Tony Mahoney, former Deputy CEO of HSBC Europe, Chair of the Board at St Julian's Maritime Finance said: "Marine innovation adoption is key to meeting Europe's targets for the EU's ambitious Green Deal. We believe that this financing round to bring a solar-powered vessel to a new owner sets the tone for our future.”

“We continue to grow based on a mission to harness solar technology as a step towards a more sustainable future, and we are delighted to have financial partners who will support our technologies and mission,” says Michael Köhler, SILENT-YACHTS founder and CEO.

Willem Steenkamer, St Julian's Maritime Finance CEO, commented: "The blue economy and these blue-water catamarans and yachts are at the heart of what makes Europe a vibrant economic force for good. As a licensed finance house in a global yachting hub, we look forward to supporting marine innovation that moves Europe to zero-carbon marine industry."

On the left, Willem Steenkamer, St Julian's Maritime Finance CEO, and Michael Köhler, Silent-Yachts founder and CEO

St Julian's Maritime Finance is regulated by the MFSA under the Financial Institutions Act (Cap. 376 of The Laws of Malta) and authorised to carry out services of financial leasing, bearing MFSA Authorisation ID: SJMF-FILI-16904.


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